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Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Moving |

Tips for a Home Inventory after Your Move

After moving to your new home, it is normal to feel exhausted. But do not settle down just yet. It is necessary that you unpack your items first so that you can do your home inventory. This is your way of determining if or any other mover that you hired has delivered all the items loaded on the truck and that your items have not been damaged during the move.

What should you do while the people from your hired moving company are still present?

As the owner of the items that the movers moved, you will usually have the honors of ticking items off in the inventory sheet as the movers unloads them from the truck and into your new home. You need to make sure that you do not get distracted as you do this. There will be instances when the task becomes confusing because different movers can simultaneously bring items into your home. What you can do to avoid this confusion is to position yourself by the front door and instruct the movers to enter one at a time so that you can properly check the items in the inventory sheet. Mark any items that are missing and do not forget to call the attention of the mover. You should only sign the sheet when you are sure that every item loaded in truck from your old home has been delivered to your new home.

You need to make sure that you carefully check your appliances and furniture to ensure that none of them have been damaged, scratched or are missing any items or parts. Do not rush when you do this and if you can get somebody to help you out with this task then do not hesitate to divide the task between the two of you. It will certainly be easier to look for any missing items or boxes when the movers are still present. You can also bring to their attention any damages that you have noticed during the inventory.

What should you do after the movers leave?

As you unpack your boxes, make sure that you keep your paper and pen handy so that you can easily take note of the items in the boxes that have been damaged. Even though you have already inventoried damages to items when the movers were still around, there is no way that you and the movers were able to check all the items of every box.

Friends and family often lend a helping hand and if they are, make sure that they are also taking note of any damages that the items might have gotten during the move or if anything is missing from the boxes. You can do this by giving them an inventory sheet of the contents of the box. You can later check the damages that they were able to take note of.

If you have noted any missing or damaged items, make sure that you contact your mover right away. Failing to do so can prevent you from making a claim for the damaged or missing items since you waited too long before deciding to report it.

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Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Cleaning, Moving, Repairs |

What to Do Once You Arrive at the New House

What to Do Once You Arrive at the New House


Everyone may have experience moving to a new home or place at one point of their life. Normally, the reason for moving to a new house is when the family or individual experiences life-changing situations like a career change, job promotion, death, divorce, or marriage. Whatever the situation is, moving to a new place is surely taxing.


moving_tipsIt is true that relocating can be a big hassle. Thus, you might want to consider doing some things that can lessen the burden of the move on you or your family. One of the things that you can do is to get a professional mover from These are the professionals who are trained to help you from packing your bags from the old house up to unloading your stuff into your new home.


Of course, you need to ensure that you are hiring the right personnel for the job. The ones who can offer quality moving service are the best choice. To ensure that you are picking a good professional mover, here are some of the qualities worth checking up on:


Reputation. You should only trust in a company or mover who has a positive reputation in the market such as The professional mover will never get a positive reputation if he or she does not offer quality moving service to the clients.


Experience. The best movers are those who have been in the business for years. Theoretically, it is impossible for unreliable removals and storage companies to stay in the competitive field of relocation services if they do not have a reliable service to offer.

The years of staying in the trade speaks a lot about the professional mover.


Speed. It is an essential quality of the said mover. If the professional mover can help you complete the move without having to wait for several days, then that is a good choice. The movers should be fast enough to help you out with the said relocation activity. If not, your activities might get messed up.


Security. The security of your belongings should be prioritized by the mover as well. There should be no chances of a thief stealing the valuables in the truck while no one is looking. Moreover, the items inside should be properly packed. Of course, the insurance will also take care of the matter efficiently.


Moving-Company-PAInsurance. The professional relocation service provider should have an insurance. The latter should be able to provide clients with the proof of the matter. With the insurance, there will be enough coverage both for the professional movers and the clients to reduce or eliminate the risk of loss. It is also through the insurance that the damaged or lost items will be replaced immediately. If the insurance is not enough though, consider getting a supplemental coverage. You have to prevent your losses in case something happens.


License. Only trust in a professional that has a license. After all, the only ones who can get a license are those who have passed the examination and have finished the required training and educational course. Do not forget to ask for a copy of the said professional’s license, and to verify it.

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