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Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in Home Improvement |

Pin vs Pinless Moisture Meters – What is the Difference?

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture wherein it gradually cracks or split open in the many years since you’ve last bought it? This is the product of improper moisture content in the wood that was used in making that particular furniture. It has long been a practice among the workers in that they should check the wood, logs or timbers in their factory before it reaches into the facilities where they are going to be transformed either into furniture, raw materials for building construction or any other project that makes use of wood. However, some clients are too trustworthy about the wood they receive, that they just use the wood right away, thinking that the moisture content of the wood is at the acceptable level.

Because of such cases that there is a need to use the wood moisture meter, even if the slabs of wood have already undergone scanning. If you are not aware what these moisture meters are, here are some things that you need to learn about.

How it works

In the market today, there are 2 types of moisture meters, which are the pinless type and the pin type. Both are able to measure the moisture content of the wood material. It uses the electric current of the pin type, while the pinless uses the electromagnetic field to see the moisture content of the wood material. The good thing about the pinless tool is that it is able to detect the moisture content very conveniently since there is no need to pin holes into the wood. You can even take the device with you into the lumberyard to scan the wood quickly before you make your purchase.

You can also utilize the pin moisture meter and bring it to the lumberyard as well. The difference between the pinless moisture meter from the pin type is how the former must be in a smooth surface to get a closely accurate reading. Uneven surface can leave air pockets under the device’s sensor pad. The pin moisture meter can get accurate readings in the wood even if it has an uneven surface. The reason why is because the pin moisture meters makes use of the 2 pins to penetrate into the wood, reaching a depth desired by the user. The tips of the pins are uncoated, which is used to get the moisture content of the wood. The downside of this device, despite being able to get accurate readings, is that it leaves 2 holes after you get a reading.

While both measure moisture content in the wood, they do the process differently. The pin meters, as mentioned above, makes use of the 2 pins to penetrate into the wood. Since water is a conductor of electricity, the meter device is able to determine how much moisture is in the wood. The pinless uses the sensor plate that is held onto the surface of the food. The plate will then project a field of electrical discharge in the wood. The meter will be able to sense the changes in the field because of the moisture it senses.

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Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in Home Improvement |

Basic Tips to Buying Drying Kiln

The wood drying process can be done in two ways – air drying and putting them inside a drying kiln. The wood drying services offered at are more on using the drying kiln process rather than the air drying method, because it takes out the moisture faster than the air drying. Some people prefer to dry the logs and timbers on their own. If you plan on doing this as well, make sure that you have your own drying kiln to use. Below are steps to how you can buy the right drying kiln to be used at your disposal.

  • The size of the drying kiln must be suited to the number of lumber in tree and dry species, material type, specifications and the choice of materials. You should also consider the loading capacity of the drying kiln.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the sawn timber thickness and tree species that you are going to work with. Include the requirements for drying quality, moisture content and its primary moisture content as well. Consider the output and estimate of every drying kiln and determine the number required of the drying chamber
  • The aim here is to understand each of these drying kiln’s performance, credit degree and quality.
  • Other things to look out for are the process performance, and the energy it requires to dry up all the log and timber.

The purpose of using the drying kilns is to hasten up the drying process rather than wait for how many months to have all the wood completely dry.

Others prefer to build their own drying kiln, especially when they want to use the logs and timber they’ve had and want to save as much money from sending them to drying kiln services. Although some people would prefer to have their timbers and logs dried professionally, like the services offered at, there are those that feel that it would be better to do it themselves.

For creating your own drying kiln, its size will depend on how many timber and logs are you going to dry up one at a time. Some people make use of shipping containers as their drying kiln because it is much more convenient. In fact, they choose two to make the other one its storage.

Air drying. Air drying does sound like you want to dry out the wood in the open air, but it doesn’t work that way. They are stored in a shady and clean area, stacking on raised foundations and have spaces between each level. This will allow the air to naturally dry up the timber in a gradual manner until to the point that its moisture content is on the same level with its surrounding area.

Kilning. Basically an oven that is made to dry timber. It is created with an insulated chamber, but with certain inside it. While this process does sound like it is a new creation, it has been around for thousands of years. They have been utilized in tackling different tasks over the years which includes smelting ores, creating cement and cooking.

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Worried about How to Find the Best Plumbers? – Read This

Entrusting your home’s comfort and safety to some stranger is such a hard thing to do yet plumbers will always have what it takes to keep your home warm and comfortable. Especially in colder seasons but yet, there are hundreds of them in your area and it’s really a challenge for you to find the best one. What are the things that you need to know to spot the right plumber to do the job?

  1. Do some research, it’s such a good thing nowadays that customers are allowed to give reviews to products and services about their personal experiences and it’s up to you to compare who got the highest rating in your area. For some good referral, you may visit this It is best for you to have some references and portfolio upfront, especially the plumber’s certification that he already has sufficient experience, good focus and attention to details, their reliability when it comes to reporting at work every day and most importantly, the plumber’s availability every time there will be emergency callouts.
  2. Another thing is that you must familiarize yourself with the job too. Understanding the project is good for you, as the client, so for you to avoid be getting scammed or to check if the plumber is doing the right thing. Get involved with the project personally the moment it is being done so for you to have the chances of suggesting what you would like to happen, then let the plumber explain to you if ever your suggest may have any negative result to the overall project.
  3. Collect some quotes from the different companies of plumbers from your town will give you enough idea whom you can hire for the best price without compromising the quality of the plumbing work.
  4. The best way for you to avoid scammers and secure commitment from your contractor is for you to ask about the service warranty information. Several bathroom fixtures as well as with some plumbing components may have the warranty yet most of the time, service is not included with it. With this, you must better ask the plumber you have hired first about it and with their answers, you can examine if their services and rates will come along with your needs and with your budget.

Of course, when a plumber is experienced enough, you will know that they are confident enough of providing a sufficient warranty period for they are sure that their work will last that long. However, if you still have doubts in your mind, you may just consider one of the best referrals we have for you and what you only have to do is check their background as well. You can never go wrong with choosing the best plumbers in your area. With best deals and honest prices displayed on the site, your plumbing needs will always be one click away.




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Pallets as part of your Home

Known as use for storage and support to move goods and other products from one place to another, both wood and plastic pallets are also good in the eyes if used as an accent both in home interiors and exteriors. Yes, pallets are not just limited to its own use. If technology is jumping into advance, both interior and exterior designs are also in the loop. Who would have thought those things we see in cargos are good accent to home designs? If you are in the process of improving your home, you may want to check out how pallets can be used as accents to your home. Especially if you have a garden, it is a unique accent to use a wood pallet as the pavement. If you want to check out the coolest pallets, you can try this page


As Accent

                Photo Frame

                Instead of the usual metal or photo frames you can purchase from the mall, DIY photo frame

                Pallets can give a unique accent wherever your photos are.


You can usually find paintings from different rooms of a home. Paintings that are done in pallets instead of canvass can give that unique accent to the interior of the room.


That huge wood pallet as your bed’s headboard will follow that nautical theme you can desire for your own bedroom. DIYs are always a great feeling to fulfill and this pallet headboard may seem a little tedious but once you started you will it is not.

Thinking Big

                Shoe Rack

If you are having difficulties thinking of what will fit your needs to have that shoe rack where it can add life to your room and your shoes can breathe properly at the same time, then a shoe rack pallet is a good idea. Because of the spaces between the wood, the air can pass through it.

                Coffee Table/Side Table

A coffee and side table made out of pallet is quite the boss too. Looking very stylish of the snazzy look to have the table either at the center or the sides while watching your all-time favorite show on TV.


                Just like the coffee and side table, pallets can be used to build a chest drawers too.


                Garden Path

                The usual garden path you will see is stones or pavers.


Whether huge or small gazeebo, using pallets to build a gazeebo for your garden will give you that nature-inspired theme that will make you feel as part of nature whenever you spend time in the garden.


Instead of using metals or plastics to build a swing, why not give it a try to build your own swing at the backyard with the use of wood pallets. Just like the gazeebos made of pallets, it will give you that nature-inspired theme and gives you relaxation while spending your time at the garden.

Don’t wait and check the different wood pallets that you can order and have them delivered in your doorsteps in no time. Check one of the sites online for faster transactions like

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What Makes Certified Professional Carpet Cleaners Different?

If you own a carpet, more you need to have it cleaned by professionals at least once every six months. Yet, there are homeowners that are too stubborn to hire professionals. They believe it is only going to be a hassle and waste of money when they can handle cleaning the carpets all on their own. If you feel the same, here are some things that you need to learn so that you won’t put permanent damage to your carpet.

According to , hiring an IICRC certified carpet and upholstery cleaning company possess experience, knowledge, and skill in how to clean carpets and upholstery the right way. IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is an organization that offers various courses to professionals that want to expand what they know of about such industry. Since carpet and upholstery cleaning is not regulated by the government, it is the IICRC that sets the standards on how the service must be done. And because of this reason, many consumers go for companies that are certified by IICRC. Anyone that possess such certification gives them more opportunities in finding more clients and jobs to do.

But companies are not only limited to one certification from the IICRC. Once they have passed the basic certification, there are other courses available that the company’s technicians can take. Doing so is going to expand their knowledge further and even gain more skills that make them highly in demand among clients. In this case, many technicians go for specialization skills, such as how to repair textiles or treat upholstery.

There are even the odor removal and color repair course that teaches technicians the most significant skills in this industry. Upholstery and carpets are not only about cleaning but complete eradication of odors that have long been stuck and can’t be removed completely by normal means. One of the primary reasons that business owners and homeowners contact professional technicians is because they are having difficulty trying to identify the right ways on treating their upholstery and carpets. After the technician takes on the odor removal course, the technician himself possess several targeted solutions to the most common problems with odor. Color repair is also another concern and a must have for technicians. Carpets and upholstery also possess color, too. And when they are not properly cleaned or used with the wrong chemicals, just expect the colors to fade. This course is highly in demand in IICRC among technicians and clients, too.

Searching for the best upholstery and carpet cleaners

There is one thing in common that all the best companies of upholstery and carpet cleaning possess. It is always repeated in the information – the certification of IICRC. This will assure the clients that the company and its technicians follow the established standards of the organization. It also makes them feel safe that their carpets and upholstery are in good hands and there will be fewer surprises to expect.

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How to Get Your Buyers to Find Your Artwork Online

The easiest way you can think of is by finding the most well-known online art gallery, like However, the most reputable online art gallery can overshadow your artwork, especially when there are more established artists than you. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be a member of such a popular online art gallery site. You just lack some steps that will help get your buyers to find your art pieces.

Many budding artists believe that just by signing up to an online art gallery, buyers will easily find them. The sign-up process is entirely different from selling your art. This is to warn you that it is not easy to have your first client. Rather than waiting for the art collectors to find your masterpieces, here are a couple of methods that will aid you in getting your buyers to find your artwork easily.

Write better descriptions on your artwork

The best online art gallery sites give you the freedom and they even encourage you to compose full descriptions for every artwork that you upload to their site. They also include the artist statement and his or her biography.

The paragraphs must be easy to read, free of mistakes from punctuation, grammar, and spelling. However, the content of your description must also be optimized for major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. Optimizing for search only means that you use the same keywords that you use in your titles and descriptions. These keywords are those that are highly likely the clients are going to use.

Although this sounds easy, there is a bit of a challenge there.

If you want your description to be easily found by search engines, you need to apply SEO designed for artists.

Get social

This depends on the online art gallery that you sign up for. It is not enough to get your descriptions optimized for major search engines. There are other ways that clients find their favored artwork, and that is by finding them on popular social media sites. They are sure to find it there since it is where most people get connected, including artists. Just look for the most popular social media network online such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and various art gallery forums.

Open a blog about your art

Most blogging options these days are offered for free, but if you want the URL address to define your own artwork, you will need to find a hosting site that will host your blog. and Blogger are two of the most popular blogging platform that you can use to promote your art. The other WordPress is a CMS platform used widely by web designers and developers, so unless you have knowledge how to tweak web designs in WordPress, you can also use that to your advantage.

Advertise in print

Don’t just limit yourself online. You should also advertise yourself through print by going for business cards, flyers, postcards or anything else. Make sure that with whatever you are printing, include the website address where they can find your artwork.

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