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A Golf Trolley Guide

Posted by on Dec 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Believe it or not there are many uses for golf trolleys other than on a golf course. There are also different types of golf trolley. Most of the time golf trolleys are used on a golf course to caddy equipment, clubs and clothing for golfers but over the years golf trolleys are used within more than just golf courses.

Holiday resorts, wedding venues and security firms are all fans of using golf carts for getting around faster than walking. Ensuring you know the reason you need the golf trolley is important and it’s also crucial to know the different types of golf trolley that are available so you can make an absolutely informed decision. Knowing the functions of your golf trolley before you buy is important and your choice should really be based on how often you plan to use it. So here are the types of golf trolley there are available:

  • Electric golf trolley: Absolutely ideal and built in features where other golf trolleys don’t have these. A golfer using an electric trolley would find particular use of a GPS USB charging point and this as a feature on a golf course is such an advantage. Battery powered with lithium makes the trolley more lightweight but also a little more expensive. Finding a golf trolley that will fold away, have a power on light, and a digital colour display can be difficult but on a site like this is actually fairly easily found. EZiCaddy trolleys are manufactured in Kent and there’s no middle man to deal with when it comes to sales as they’re sold direct to consumer. A 2 year warranty with a 28 day trial is definitely something to consider when buying an electric golf trolley.
  • Push and pull golf trolleys: Some golfers prefer the push and pull method as opposed to the charge it up and go electric trolley. Foldaway push and pull trolleys are less expensive as generally they are for rent. It doesn’t have any built in features or displays like the electric kind which is sought to be more useful but no fuss.

Golf trolleys all have their uses but the electric kind comes out on top of all kinds. There are companies out there that not only sell a range of digital trolleys, but bags, batteries and various accessories and parts for the trolley itself. There’s a back to base service with EZiCaddy for repairs and servicing required on the EZiCaddy is minimal aside from keeping batteries charged and keeping the trolley clean. It takes 12 hours for a caddy battery to charge and it should be charged between games and kept on charge. Balance is so important as if you overload the trolley is can run the battery down as it’s not designed to carry over the weight that is listed.

By using EZiCaddy online, you will never have to deal with a shop selling to you as they’re the manufacturers and that’s the best place to have a direct relationship with the supplier.


Why Hiring A Professional From Home Care Service Is Important To You?

Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in Home Improvement |

It is understandable when there are times when you don’t have the time and energy to care about the people that you love, the elderly people who have watched your grow and become the best person that you are meant to be. It is hard at times, whenever you leave them for work, for your family and for your life that you cannot help but be fearful. Who’s going to care for them when he leaves for work? What if he stayed too long in Asia, who’s watching them? These are common thoughts that happen from time to time. It cannot be denied, especially the fear where you are not sure if your family is safe when you leave.

This is why suggested for you to have them send to a capable Home Care or have someone from the Home Care Service to look after your loved ones while you’re away. They are capable of caring for them in your absence, and they are an expert in their field on how to properly handle elderly people and making sure that they receive the proper attention that they deserve. After all, this is what you need. You are a very person and you have a life of your own, with the assistance from the Home Care Service you don’t have to worry about leaving your family member behind when there’s someone who can watch over them while you’re busy with life and your family. From under their care, they will safe and away from harm. They won’t be feeling lonely nor abandon for there’s someone who genuinely cares for them and wishes to help them make their lives easier.

Older people and medical care

That is the point of having to hire professional help. You need someone who will give the attention that they need. They need love, understand, kindness and patience and that’s what they deserve to get. They require the security and dignity while under the care, they are not invalid they are need of assistance. It is important that the person that you hire when watching over them will respect your family instead of degrade them. The elderly needed to be treated right, and it will be done right. They will be feeling comfortable and happy; they will not be miserable or sad. They will be enjoying the company of the hired help, and they won’t be feeling lonely.

They will be well taken cared off, so the worry and the fear will be put at ease. And all it thanks to the hired help that you asked for. You will no longer have to feel guilty about leaving them because there is someone who will be there, standing by their side, watchful and caring. It will put you at ease, and know the fact that they’re going to be okay puts your heart at ease. Once when you return, you will see that your elderly parents are in good hands.

5 Ways To Remove Asbestos From The Area

Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in Home Improvement |

It is a well-known fact that too much exposure from asbestos will cause you lung cancer. This is why experts from suggested that removing the asbestos from your area will help lessen the fibers from spreading into the air. Even though the use of asbestos have been a big help thanks to its unique quality of being fireproof, chemical resistant and not affected by electricity. But as the time passes by, without maintaining the condition of the asbestos, that is covered on the ceiling, the floor, and walls; then the coating will surely break. When it starts to crack, there’s a high chance that the fibers will be releasing if startled.

To avoid having the area be contaminated from asbestos fibers, it is best to have it remove by doing the following. Following the ways of removing the asbestos will ensure that your safety will not be compromised and having the room cleaned.

Be sure to wear protective gear to prevent inhaling stray fibers.

  1. Stack the asbestos material. Try not to skid the material together and over each other as much as you can, for that only cause them to release more fibers and to make it worse.
  2. Use a plastic sheet to wrap the asbestos material.
  3. Wrap the plastic sheet and use tape to seal them inside.
  4. Remove the asbestos waste as fast as you can.
  5. Clean the remaining traces of the asbestos using a special type of vacuum like the AS/NZ 60035.2.60.

Removing materials containing some asbestos

Although the idea of cleaning asbestos by yourself can be a great idea at some point, you cannot deny that it is a bit too much of a risk to do it by yourself. You know for a fact having to remove the asbestos out from your area won’t be easy as pie. You have to be careful with one wrong move it will release more fibers, and you might accidentally inhale them without meaning too, and inhaling too much is too dangerous for you.

The best advise that the can give you is to contact an expert in regards to this situation. For they have the right equipment to carefully extract the broken part of the material that is breaking and slowly releasing fibers in trails, have it properly contain and sealed and dumped them in a unpopulated area where people won’t accidentally stumbled upon it and get in contact with it. This is why with the experts help you don’t have to risk yourself from getting to inhale the poison air and get lung cancer out of it. The professionals are well equipped with a protective gear, and they have knowledge on how to handle the situation without making it worse, this way your safety won’t be at risk any further and all you have to do is stand aside and stay as far away as you can from the contaminated area and let the experts do the work.

Top Tips for Choosing Window Treatments

Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Choosing window treatments can be so confusing to some as when your curtains, valances and cornices have seen better days, it’s time to try new trends to shed new light on your space. Window treatments refer to any way you might cover your windows whether that’s with curtains, shutters, blinds etc. it’s important to remember that treatments are not just for decoration; curtains and window shades provide much needed privacy, insulation from the outside elements and protect items within your house from sun discolouration. Having your windows covered can help to conserve energy and the best window treatments are effective at these tasks but also very pretty! Window treatments in the home often turn into a design challenge or major investment, but let’s be honest, if you don’t take care of your windows in favour of a different design focus, you’ll be left with a bare view.

Companies such as concentrate on livening up your actual glass windows and installing new UPVC windows. There are a lot of options out there and in this article we’ve listed for you the window treatments available and how they can benefit you. Arguably the most popular window covering, curtains can transform the room. Bad curtains on the other hand, are hard to look past. If you have the most beautiful, light enhancing bay windows and you hang suede brown curtains that are of poor length in front of them, it can really take from the beauty of the room itself. You need to ask yourself your desired level of privacy for your room and this will help you to narrow down fabric options which range from the sheerest linen to solid cottons with blackout qualities. If you want even more privacy and light blockage than a fabric allows, you can choose to get your curtains lined and that way you end up blocking out light totally. This is especially useful in rooms where children sleep and during the summer months as you can encourage them to stay in bed the right amount of time. Well, so the legend goes! Apollo Windows

You can choose whether your curtains are pleated or not and this will go toward the look that is created. If you have single paned windows, companies like can install new, double glazing UPVC windows and lined, pleated curtains in front of them can help to keep the heat in. Window shadse and blinds are far more structured than curtains are and are more modern in some cases like in children’s bedrooms. They work very well on windows that sit high up off the floor or are particularly narrow and they work very well to block out light. This of course does depend on how sheer they are but you can buy specially lined blackout blinds. Companies like ensure you have fitted windows to a standard size, which makes it easier to choose treatments for your windows.

Before you go out and buy though you should ask yourself whether you want an inside or outside mount on the window – this means choosing whether you want the blinds inside or outside the window frame. Inside mounts tend to look cleaner but sometimes the depth of the frame will not allow for it. Your windows should be dressed according to the décor of the room and you can really play around with colours and styles to get it to the look you want. The choices are unlimited so all you have to do is decide on your personal style and go for it.

How to Use Mirrors to Create More Space

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Using mirrors to create a sense of more space is a trick of interior designing and their use in decorating is making a big comeback. Mirrors help to give a sense of greater space by reflecting light, thus brightening a room and the reflection of the room also fools the eye into feeling there is a greater amount of space than in reality.

Use a mirror to reflect the light. Companies like will be able to advise you on this but dark rooms often give a sense of less 19space and crowding in. such rooms can benefit from good positioning of a mirror or series of mirrors. There are several ways to do this and placing a mirror on the wall opposite to the window is the first step. This will reflect incoming light and help to brighten the room. Using a full length mirror in entrance ways can instantly give a person entering the room a sense of increased space. This works most effectively when the mirror is placed on a wall or walls that the eye looks at first. Placing mirrors on each side of the window reveal – the space between the inside wall and the window itself – to create more space.

Cover one wall in mirrors. If you have a small space to play with such as a bedroom or dining room that feels really closed in and crowded, a mirror wall can open it up and create a sense of flow and increased area. A bed or dining table – depending on the room – placed right next to a mirrored wall instantly appears a lot larger and will feel that the space is in fact, doubled. Mirrored placemats on a dining table can add to the effect but try not to overdo it! will advise that placing mirrors alongside a fireplace is also a great way to help give more sense in a part of the room that often can feel fairly dark. A mirrored screen next to a fireplace can reflect the flow and flames when it works, helping to create a cheerful glow and spaciousness at night time.

Ever thought of lining the ceiling with mirrors? Dark entrance ways, back porch areas and bathrooms can be instantly revived and brightened by making the entire ceiling mirrored. When the light is turned on, the mirror helps to spread the light further and brighten the otherwise dull room. This is especially useful for windowless toilet rooms and pantries, as it gives the illusion of a skylight. Placing a bright lamp in front of a mirror to assist the spread of light through a room is also a good way to add to the room. In a room lacking a window, this little trick will help to create the illusion of light so this is basically magic! Add a shelf under a hung mirror and place a lamp in front of this mirror. Whenever the room is used, light will be diffused through the room by the mirror. Nifty little trick!

Adding Extensions to the Home

Posted by on Nov 11, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Some of the most valuable houses on the market today have a conservatory attached to them. Building in a conservatory means you can add a playroom, dining room, garden room or even just a utility room to the house which not only adds some extra space for you, but extra pounds to the value of your house should you choose to sell. Having the ability to own a home is considered a luxury that many cannot afford so to be able to add extensions and upgrades means you are in a decent position financially and can make such a difference to your children’s security and the security of your financial future.

A conservatory is one of the more expensive home additions so if you are thinking about adding one on really do your research and make smart choices. Sometimes the benefits of a conservatory addition do not outweigh the costs involved and the disruption to everyday life that the building works would do.

Conservatories can be installed using a professional company like and doing this can save a lot of stress for your building-1618868_640family as the work can then be completed efficiently and to the date set. It’s sometimes better to spend that little more money on a professional, accredited company than it is to spend it on a Mickey Mouse company with no decent morals. A conservatory can give you far more living space and increase the space of one of your downstairs rooms. This is due to the fast and furious culture we live in where it’s assumed that people can utilise restaurants instead of eating as a family but we all know this is not always possible. Especially as eating out can be so expensive. A dining area is especially useful if you are a family with children and as well as a dining area, conservatories can be used as a play room. They can add significant amount of natural light into the downstairs and although it may sound costly, it can be less of a cost than moving home for more space. Having upvc windows installed in your conservatory by a company like can mean extra light and extra security with keeping out the elements.

Installing a conservatory can mean a smoother transition from the living area into the garden especially if combined with a patio area on the outside. It is a way to stop muddy footprints being tracked through the house as the conservatory acts as a mud room and buffer between outside and cosy living space. They can be extremely cosy and relaxing especially on a wet and windy day and it can look rather magical with a Christmas tree and snow falling outside. There are of course, some downsides of adding something as large as a conservatory to your home. They can be really expensive to build and when hiring in or other such companies to do the installation for you, it can be more expensive than usual. While it adds another room to your home, you’ll sacrifice some of the garden to do it so make sure that you both have the available space and are willing to let go of some of the garden area. Building a conservatory isn’t the end of the list of costs because once it’s built you’ll need to hire in electricians to make sure there is light and heat running through it. They can be quite warm in the summer so if you’re able to investing in good air conditioning is a fantastic idea. Making sure you have good blinds to keep the light and heat out during the hottest parts of the day will mean you don’t have too much of the feeling you’re in an oven.