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How To Value & Sell Your Car

Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Selling your car can be a tough business because you have to match the value of your car to your expectations for selling. It is natural to want to get the best price for your car but putting the price too high can put off potential buyers. Most potential buyers always expect to be able to haggle and not pay sticker price on a second hand car. There are a lot of free valuation services online and company websites such as can give you a value of your car for same day collection.

Calling round local dealers to get a quote on your car is another way to value it and knowing what they would pay can really give you some insight on what you should be willing to accept from buyers or companies. Do as much research as you possibly can before setting a fixed price for your car. Of course if you’re going to use a site like for selling your van you’ll likely be offered a price that’s not the exact same level as local dealers – local dealers tend to haggle with you whereas you can get cash the same day. Even when the deal is done, you will still have some paperwork at a loose end. You’ll need to inform the DVLA straight away that you are no longer the registered owner of the car. That way you won’t be chased for road tax or MOT information and you’ll need to remember to send off the V5c slip. Easy peasy. Lastly if there is any outstanding warranty on the car remember to let the car company know. Also you’ll need to ensure that you update your insurers. Last thing you want is to continue paying insurance on a car that you no longer own.

Be realistic with any price you hope to be offered. You want to remember that if you choose to sell instantly you may not get the exact price that you want. You would likely get the price you want and the full worth or more of your car by selling it yourself but who wants the hassle of advertising and risking prospective buyers not showing up?

You have to be very careful when it comes to selling your car online. There are plenty of reputable sites for your vehicle like but then there are others that are not so reputable. Placing a private advert for your car can mean you need to tread carefully as while the internet can be a godsend in some ways, in others it can be dangerous and a magnet for scammers. There are a good few websites that have ways of protecting against scammers, nuisance callers and canvassers. Phishing scams are rife among the internet and fraudsters who know you are selling a car can send emails in attempts to hack your information and passwords.

How To Tell You Need A New Roof

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

There’s no better time than now to make the most of the summer sun and give your roof a thorough inspection, keeping a close eye out for any problems to check whether you need a replacement roof fitted. Similarly, if you have noticed that your roof is suffering from a leak or cracking, it’s important to carry out detailed checks as soon as possible in case an entirely new roof is required.

This article will serve to explain the five main tell-tale warning signs that you must look out for during your inspections which will help determine whether you need a new roof installed in time for the upcoming autumn/winter months. Companies like can help you with anything you need in regard to your roofing requirements. You don’t need to look at the sky because of a hole in the roof – you just need to know how to recognise a problem early enough.

1. Worn or missing roof tiles/slates

Generally speaking, damp areas or leaks may indicate a cracked, slipped or worn roof tile which will require the expertise of a professional to replace. If you notice any leaking or signs of water damage, it’s more than likely that your roof tiles are worn or missing and need replacing as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that if worn or missing tiles become an extensive problem on your roof, the entire thing will need replacing.

2. Sagging flat roofs

Exposure to extreme weather conditions can impact the functionality of your roof as the boards can start to buckle and break under the weight of the water, causing the roof to sag. In turn, this can affect the interior of your home by creating a rather dangerous, unsafe structure, meaning the roof will need replacing immediately by

3. Daylight is filtering through the roof boards

When examining the roof from inside your home, if you notice any gaps where the summer sun is filtering through the roof boards then you must seek help from a professional roofing company straight away. Excessive damage to the roof boards will require urgent attention and will most likely result in the roof needing to be replaced.

4. Life expectancy of the roof

According to most roofing experts, a standard roof should last between 20-25 years, depending on the initial installation and upkeep. If your roof is reaching the end of its life expectancy or is in a bad state of repair, you must arrange to have it replaced to avoid any damage to the interior of your home.

5. Cracks, puncture holes or splits on a flat roof

Felt flat roofs often fall victim to cracks, puncture holes or splits round the edges of the roof caused by extreme weather. In turn, this can lead to water leaking through the gaps and can escalate to excessive water damage inside your home. Therefore, you must address this problem as quickly as possible and have your existing roof replaced.

How Our Kitchens Have Changed

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

The kitchen has not only evolved but it has also moved. No longer a place for one person at the back of the house or, in some cases, in the basement of the house, it has gradually moved forward to occupy the centre of the home.

The range of things we cook in the kitchen has changed: sometimes we just want to heat up some leftovers or takeaways; other times we want to create gastronomic feasts to impress others. This range of cooking – from fast food to slow food and back again – affects the way in which we must design kitchens and the appliances that go in them. There is also a trend towards more fresh-food cooking but often this is paradoxical – as the interest in locally grown, organically grown foods increases, so does the interest in international foods. Our palates are much more global; we eat foods from around the world, cooked in authentic utensils with authentic ingredients.

This paradoxical situation provides designers with opportunities to innovate and develop multiple right answers – after all, there is not one size that fits all. We are also eating more healthily – or at least trying to do so. This will have an impact on how we design spaces for different foodstuffs to take into account their requirements for storage, handling and preparation. Design trends have brought elements of the professional kitchen into the domestic kitchen but some of the design parameters can be quite different. The professional kitchen is often simple, built around reliability and efficiency of use, whereas the domestic kitchen has to be quite flexible, doing many things well. In the professional kitchen, it is the chef that is the master, whereas in the home kitchen, the technology sometimes has to work harder to make us look good. The amateur at home can have little knowledge and, with more children engaging with food, health and diet, the technology needs to be simple, obvious and suitable for small, large and elderly hands. It’s not just about physical ergonomics but also about cognitive ergonomics – it’s about how appliances make us feel.

Domestic appliances are required to be multidisciplinary, not only performing multiple functions but also working with different people with differing skills. But we still want the same levels of control and precision. The appliances don’t have the rigour or scale of working of the professional items, but they must be intuitive to use and have the capacity to flex and improvise. Companies like are there to help us make those changes

The kitchen is now our metaphorical ‘shed’ where we tinker, perhaps making it up as we go along, perhaps following a recipe. We have heard that in some countries there are even personal trainers who will come in and work with the cooks. People are also coming into the kitchen – “you will always find me in the kitchen at parties”. And now, rather than just sitting there and watching the theatre unfold, the visitor is picking up the knife and joining in. They are picking up the wooden spoon and giving the pot a stir. It is now a team effort. Cooking is a collaborative act. This means not only that kitchens are growing bigger but also that we have to rethink the concept of the working triangle. As appliance manufacturers, we have had a look at what we can do to respond to these trends.

The kitchen has come out of the closet and its role in everyday life has increased dramatically over the decades. Children are being encouraged to take a greater interest in what they eat. We are all living longer. The users of the kitchen are now multiple and of considerably different abilities, both cognitively and physically. The usability of the kitchen has become a major challenge – design for everyone is not as simple as it sounds. We carry out a great deal of ethnographic research working with real people, observing how they work and how they live with the various design aspects of the kitchen, the appliances, the cupboards. This is not only ergonomic work – i.e. looking at body dimensions – but also looking at the psychological and sociological aspects of how the different components work together. We use this information to help us design better appliances and also to share design trends with kitchen designers.

Top Tips for Bathroom Reinvention

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

When it comes to buying a new house it’s going to depend on what you’re looking for as to the interior design of the home. If you’re buying brand new you can guarantee that your interiors may not need much work but if you are buying a fixer upper then you need to consider the extra budgetary strains of renovations. The two most popular rooms in a house that get renovated quickly are the bathroom and the kitchen and companies such as understand this and offer certain services to designers and architects when it comes to changing the interiors of your home.

When you’re choosing a new bathroom, glass is the newest in up and coming aesthetic design. Glass can stand a test of time that wood certainly doesn’t. For one, mould and mildew is just not a factor when it comes to glass. It’s not just a case of using glass to enhance the design, but there are different ways glass can improve things. Being the hard wearing material that it is, glass can be anti-slip and anti-scratch and it is perfect for surfaces that come into contact daily with hard objects like razors and hair brushes that are seemingly designed to destroy surfaces. Vanity tops, glass trays or shower glass walls and floors and anti- scratch means stylish and unique.

Requiring anti-slip flooring in a bathroom is pretty important given the moisture around on a daily basis so being safe from accidents as well as being wipe clean is just a total advantage for your bathroom. Textured glass is an excellent choice as it can transform your bathroom and has an extremely modern feel to it. Frosted glass is a particular favourite in bathrooms for privacy sake and you can find this easily online well as a range of other toughened glass versions.

For a simple bathroom look glass mosaic tiles and coloured glass tiles offer something different. Making your bathroom stand out and look beautiful all at once and shower doors that are curved, patterned and shaped in a way that are individual. Stone and block glass are strong and dependable and attractive but it’s expensive and for cash conscious home owners, it’s a little out of reach. If you’re looking for a little elegance, then etched glass is always an option and it adds total sophistication to glass doors. Frosted glass is opaque in nature and offers privacy and a huge feeling of space. Glass has clean lines and when you decide to renovate your bathroom you should consider all the possibilities in what you want from your home. Whether you use clear or coloured glass your bathroom can reflect space and beauty and talking to an interior designer for your bathroom is so important if you’re looking to reflect your budget economically.

Why You Should Add A Conservatory For Your Home

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Being able to own a home outright is somewhat a luxury with the market the way it is. To be financially solvent enough to be able to implement upgrades to the house is even more of a luxury but these little upgrades can make such a difference to the value of the house. If you are thinking of adding a conservatory whether buying or building one, make smart choices and do some research before you go for it. A conservatory is a very expensive home improvement and you have to decide whether the benefits of a conservatory would outweigh the costs involved. Conservatories can be installed using a professional company like and doing this can save a lot of stress.

A conservatory can give you far more living space and increase the space of one of your downstairs rooms. Sometimes a conservatory is used as a dining space given that a lot of homes in built up areas don’t tend to have a semblance of a dining room anymore and kitchens are no longer big enough to accommodate a dining table. This is especially useful if you are a family with children as well as a dining area, conservatories cam be used as a play room. They can add significant amount of natural light into the downstairs and although it may sound costly, it can be less of a cost than moving home for more space. Having UPVC windows installed in your conservatory by a company like can mean extra light and extra security with keeping out the elements.

Installing a conservatory can mean a smoother transition from the living area into the garden especially if combined with a patio area on the outside. They can be extremely cosy and relaxing especially on a wet and windy day and it can look rather magical with a Christmas tree and snow falling outside. There are of course, some downsides of adding something as large as a conservatory to your home. They can be really expensive to build and when hiring in or other such companies to do the installation for you, it can be more expensive than usual.

While it adds another room to your home, you’ll sacrifice some of the garden to do it so make sure that you both have the available space and are willing to let go of some of the garden area. Building a conservatory isn’t the end of the list of costs because once it’s built you’ll need to hire in electricians to make sure there is light and heat running through it. They can be quite warm in the summer so if you’re able to investing in good air conditioning is a fantastic idea. Making sure you have good blinds to keep the light and heat out during the hottest parts of the day will mean you don’t have too much of the feeling you’re in an oven.

The Importance of Interior Design

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Interior design is not just about the looks of the building’s interior. Well, it is but it also plays the key role in its functionality because even the largest house can lack space if having a poor interior design, while a tiny apartment can be transformed into a cosy residence with enough space for just about everything with the right design and the use of a contemporary staircase. Yes, interior design is much more important than it may seem at a first glance and can be easily compared with the importance of architecture, at least when it comes to interior.

Hiring an interior designer is therefore more than just a good idea if building a new house or remodelling/renovating the existing one. The house’s interior must be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. However, what is aesthetically appealing such as a beautiful Blinds or great looking modern boiler stoves depends greatly on whom you ask because everyone has different needs and lifestyle. Companies like can help you along your way to a beautiful home. As a result, the standard architectural plans rarely meet the client’s needs completely. With an aim to save money for an interior designer and modifications of the architect’s plan, many people make the crucial mistake by accepting the offered plan even if they would prefer for the toilet to be separated from your bathroom or perhaps create a smaller living room to gain enough space for a home office for example. And when they realize that they are serving the house instead of vice versa, they spend even more money for alterations than they would if hiring an interior designer when starting the project.

It is often difficult to decide which interior design meets your needs and lifestyle the most because most designs usually do not show the need for improvements or alterations until you are actually using them. However, an interior designer will help you avoid finding yourself with a newly built or renovated house that could have been done better because all interior designers are trained to help their clients choose a design according to their lifestyle. But they do not only take care of the layout but they also help you choose the right decor, lightning, paint colour, etc. depending on what you want to leave over to an expert and how much you can afford to spend on the project.

Unfortunately, the best interior designers are not inexpensive but it is far more expensive to tear down the walls or build new ones a year or two after completion of the project. However, if you know exactly what you need, you can design your home’s interior by yourself and ask an architect to make it realisable. Another great idea which will help you reduce the costs for an interior designer as well as to avoid finding yourself unsatisfied with the results of your project is to hire an interior designer only for the key works such as layout and take care of the easier part of interior design yourself. Think about it but take plenty of time before you make your final decision because the interior of your home should not only look good but also needs to be functional.