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Tips for Choosing Automatic Gates

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Uncategorized |

There was once a time where automatic gates were a sign of luxury that guarded the entrances of mansions and private estates. When you came up against metal or wooden electronic gates it gives people a sense of reverence to know that wealth lived behind those gates and it always makes for a nosy neighbour to peek round and see what they can see. With the increase of crime in certain areas and an ever growing use of technology, homes with automated gates are becoming more and more popular. They’re not just a very effective way of protecting the home and family but they are practical and convenient especially for families. Installing an automatic bespoke gate is a major investment in the security of you and your family and you should be aware of all the various options available before proceeding.

The majority of automatic gates in Kent require a standard domestic power supply in the gate area and this should most definitely be installed by a 1-5qualified person. The power supply you use will also be needed for any installed intercoms and lighting systems related to the gate system. The type of entrance you have in your property will determine the type of gate you will need and driveways that slope upwards toward the house would require a sliding gate. This is the option that would take up less room than swing gates and gives full access to your driveway from all angles. Sliding gates actually offer the highest level of security for your home. The gates usually have the most impeccable safety checks to prevent cutting and crushing, and your power supply needs to support this and not break down.

The type of gate you decide to install will be determined by your needs and property type. If your privacy is a priority for you then you should consider a gate that is a good and solid one. Aesthetics can be important and if they are for you, then consider something more decorative like wrought iron or steel and even multi bar timber gates which can project a wonderful rustic feel. You have to weigh up the type of operating system required for you home. The hydraulic systems are known to be much quieter and offer better resistance to wind and generally have a longer life span than other methods. They are however, quite expensive to install! If wind and noise is not a priority for you then a more economical choice is an electro mechanical system. There are a lot of things to consider when you install automatic gates and there are many choices available for access control systems from voice and video intercoms to key operated systems and digital pads. Always check out prices and compare options before making a definitive choice as you want to make the right ones for your home.

Electronic gates are something of a luxury but now a very affordable one!

Home Safety Tips: A Guide

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Disasters in the home are usually covered by insurance but sometimes, there are instances where insurance doesn’t come into the equation. Emergencies in the home can strike at any time, from a frozen pipe burst in the middle of winter to a burglary during a holiday in the summer and these emergencies can be both dangerous and sometimes downright annoying. It is a smart practice to take steps to keep your house and home safe through all seasons of the year. Prevention is far better than cure and a lot less expensive. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to keep your house safe through the year and make sure you have a stable roof over your head.

  • Keep drains unblocked: always take steps to keep drains unblocked. Two to four times a year you should really use a decent drain cleaner as well as calling in a company such as to do a yearly service for you. If you’re constantly pulling hair out of the drains and don’t scrape your plates properly before you wash them, you’re looking at a difficult job of keeping drains clear.
  • Service appliances: if your oven is gas run, have that and your boilers checked and service by an appropriate engineer once a year. This will mean you have less leaks, less breakdowns and the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning goes down dramatically.
  • Kitchen pests: without liking to judge a little clutter, a kitchen that isn’t regularly swept and mopped can mean the entrance of little pests like ants, mice and large flies. Flies find food, lay eggs that become maggots in dirty and damp places. Messiness can also mean danger and a toaster full of old crumbs and an oven covered in grease are both at increased risks of fire which can be very hard to combat in a kitchen especially.
  • Security: invest a little in a security light, burglar alarm and fences. Anything you can think of to protect your home and keep robbers at bay would stand you and your home in good stead. Other ways to deter criminals are gravel driveways, spiky bushes lining the boundaries, well-lit gardens and secure fences. These don’t have to be expensive but they do have to keep people from wanting to rob you.
  • Electrics: every five to ten years checking the electrics through the home is imperative. Doing so will help you ensure you have any burnt out wiring replaced and avoid electrocution, power cuts and broken circuits.
  • Guttering: keeping your gutters clear of leaves and debris twice a year will mean you don’t have a back up in your drains. It’s a bit of a miserable job and it can be dangerous in cold and wet weather so try and make this a summer job!
  • Roofing: Keeping an eye on the tiles on the roof can mean the difference between rain leaks in the attic and dry ceilings. Repair any leaks you find straight away because these problems get worse as time goes on. Weather worn roofs can be a big hazard for a home.



How To Unblock A Drain

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Having a blocked outside drain generally means calling in an emergency plumbing team to have someone come to give a strong jetting and thorough cleaning. No one wants to have to do this so keeping your drains as ship shape as possible is the best thing you can do to make sure you don’t have to spend anything extra calling someone out.


Most minor drain blockages can be repaired with very little effort using an outside drain unblocker bought from a high street shop or with other equipment you can buy from a DIY shop or local supermarket. You don’t need to be an expert at DIY to unblock a drain you just have to be willing to get a little bit dirty and a little bit smelly! The first thing to do is figure out what is wrong and sometimes this can be a little disgusting so glove up and wear something protective over your clothes. Bathroom drains can be clogged up with hair, soap and basically dead skin. Kitchen drains tend to be clogged up with grease and baby wipes can block toilet drains. Leaves and debris from the outside block outdoor drains mainly and ensuring you have unblocked drains in Southampton can mean a big difference to your home.

Indoor drains can usually be unblocked with something as simple as a bottle of drain unblocker. Poured into the drain before you go to bed will mean you wake up to clean drains both inside and outside the house. Rinse it out the following morning and make sure you stay safe – you should wear rubber gloves at a minimum when using drain unblocker, as it can be very corrosive and can cause chemical burns. If accidentally ingested or if it makes contact with the eyes, the consequences could be even more serious.

While it is more complicated to unblock an outdoor drain than an indoor drain, it is by no means a difficult task and shouldn’t take you more than half an hour. You’ll need a set of drain rods or failing that a really big stick like a mop or broom handle. Wearing appropriate protective clothing will mean any splashes won’t bleach your clothes. Pull the cover off the drain to get a good look inside. You might need to use a screwdriver or other thin, flat project to jimmy it open. If there’s a handle, but you can’t seem to budge it, tying some rope or string around it will give you better leverage and help you remove the drain cover. If the drain is full of water, the blockage is somewhere after the chamber. If it’s empty then it’s before it which can be in the soil pipe between the chamber and the plumbing system so if you want to give it a go yourself, work your way along the chamber and clean it out. Once you’ve unblocked the drain, run clean water through it to rinse any addition debris and prevent other blockages. Pour bleach down the sinks inside to make sure they’re totally cleaned through.


How to Successfully Find a Window Cleaning Company

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Cleaning |

If you are considering the possibility of changing your window cleaning provider, you have to consider a number of factors before you decide. You need to remember that a number of prospects can be found at who would be willing to extend their assistance to you. But you need to remember that not everyone will be able to offer excellent services to you.

Start by assessing your needs. It will be easier to locate the right people with the right qualifications when you know exactly what you need from them. This is a good opportunity for you to find those that are expected to assist you right and who can offer the kind of cleaning service that is appropriate for the kind of windows that you need to get maintained at home.

Understand that the whole task involved in getting the windows cleaned can be dangerous. This is why you need to be sure that the people who will be tapped for the job are those who are properly trained you need to be sure that they have been exposed to appropriate job training so they will not only have the skills and the tools to do the job right, they will know how to do it safely too.

Find out how long they have been involved in the service. You certainly need to find those providers that have been around for a long time. This means that you are looking at people that have established a good name for them and can give you the assurance that they would know exactly what it is that they have to do to get the job done right. Use this opportunity to look for those that have at least been around for five years or more so you know they are well versed in the field.


See if they have the right tools and equipment. Remember that they are likely going to have to take care of those homes which are some stories tall. They need to have the right tools and equipment that are sound and safe too so they can easily reach those areas that they need to get cleaned. Also, use this opportunity to check if they have all the right safety gears too to avoid people getting hurt when doing the work.

They need to use the right cleaning supplies too. Preferably, you prefer to find a provider that can be expected to do a green cleaning. You want to find providers that are pursuing methods that are environmentally-friendly. So, see the kinds of supplies that they are using for their operations for you to confirm this.

Meet them face to face too. You need to get them to come to your home in order for them to see the entirety of the areas that they have to clean. This will help them give you a better, more detailed estimate on how the whole task is going to cost.

Also, it is always best that you will have the goal of hiring a provider who will not only do the task once but on a regular basis instead. This is necessary so you are not going to have to deal with the whole search process the next time that you will need to get your windows cleaned up again.


Who Does Loft Conversions?

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Home Improvement |

A loft conversion is done by experienced loft conversion companies in London. Many businesses have been in the construction industry for a few decades. These companies compete to get the most customers. They do fantastic jobs in loft conversion. It’s difficult to tell them apart from the other. They offer various services. Insurance has also been an excellent addition to their services. Since they can be at par with the quality of their work, companies have competed on their customer service.

KGH Construction

KGH Construction has been doing loft conversions for more than 30 years. The company is located in Surbiton, southwest London. They are known for their work completed professionally and within the scheduled time. They are attentive of the possible troubles and solutions required for any of the complicated situation in the business.  They can bring a current and reasonable costs answer to your requests.

Build-Tech Solutions Limited

Build-Tech Solutions Limited offer far above excellence with wide-ranging services. Every job accepted by Build-Tech Solutions Limited is by Building policy. Problems that arise during construction are dealt with appropriately. They have 15 years of experience in the industry.  They always present extensive sort of services to various companies. They put forward on time and dependable services and bring out results in following the accurate terms as initially discussed with the customer.

AG GROUP Building and Roofing Specialists

AG GROUP Building and Roofing Specialists is the family run company with 20 years practice. They can take care of each and every construction job. They are also CERTASS registered to be able to do a full window installation. The client can have a complete peace of mind since the company has insurance guarantee. They put together the use of all trades necessary for any house expansion or repairs that their clients need.

Good Global Services Ltd

Good Global Services Ltd has a team of professionals who can offer excellent services within London.  They have eight years of practice in planning to get a sense of balance and paint the loft for their clients.  They provide estimation at no cost. The company is simply to be in touch with and extremely open to discussing your thoughts. They work with their customers personally all the way through the development of the loft conversion.

Genesis London Ltd

They are only known as Genesis London. The company has been operational in the construction industry for more than 20 years. They get immense satisfaction in their work, and they take pleasure to esteem the conversion of installation from the start to finish. They promise a pleased customer by the conclusion of the loft conversion. They have extensively developed their knowledge and skill in various trades involving the construction business.

Loft conversion companies in London get more customers by referral and word of mouth. They take care of their clients all throughout the process to ensure a satisfied customer. The development of the loft conversion should be relayed to the customers bringing them to participate actively in the construction process.

How to Identify a Good Cleaning Company

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Cleaning |

Finding a cleaning company is easy. Some of these providers are currently operating around. It is in search for the right cleaning provider that you are likely going to find challenging. After all, not every single one of the ones that you can find around are expected to be a good enough choice for you. Here are things you should consider though if you decide to hire one from

Identify the specific kind of cleaning that you are in need of. It would be easier for you to zero in on the right people when you have an idea of what it is exactly that you expect from them. Not every single one of these providers can be expected to be the right choice for you. Some offer services that other do not. This is why your needs should help serve as your barometer when deciding.

Find out what kind of service the providers at can extend to you. You should not assume that they can be the right people for your needs just because they belong to the cleaning business. You have to remember that these are professionals that may offer a varied service. This is why you need to find out exactly what it is that they can provide and what they cannot for you to decide better.

Check at about the hours of service that these providers are going to be able to extend their assistance to as well. You certainly need to make sure that they can be there to clean your premises at the specific time and date that you will need them. You need to find out too if you are going to find people that are as flexible as possible. See to it that you find those who are willing to customize their services and their schedule to meet your needs.

Their track record needs to be reviewed as well. It is very important that you will take a look at how good a reputation these providers have managed to establish for the length of time that they have been involved in the service. Check their references and listen to the accounts of people that have had the chance of referring to them before so you are sure that they are indeed the kind of cleaners that you are looking for.

See if they are insured and if they are licensed too. You need proof that these are indeed qualified cleaning professionals that you are bringing to your home. You need assurance that they have met the guidelines that have been set by the industry that they belong to. Thus, you are confident that they will not disappoint when asked to meet your cleaning needs for you.

Know their rates. You do not need to find the provider that charges the lowest rate there is. But you need to find one that charges a reasonable figure. Check the industry average price and see to it that their fees fall within such numbers so you know that they are not overpriced.